Conspiracy in NY

Conspiracy charges can result if a group of people are accused of acting together to commit crimes that were agreed upon beforehand. If a prosecutor can prove the group was all in agreement regarding the illegalities, it is considered a conspiracy. It’s important to know if it can be proven if members of the group acted on their own or independently while committing illegal activities.

Types of Conspiracy Charges

There are several different types of conspiracy charges ranging from a Class B misdemeanor to a Class A felony. A Class B misdemeanor is punishable with up to 3 months in jail. A Class A Felony is the most severe conspiracy charge in New York and can result in life in prison without the possibility of parole. Most often conspiracy charges coincide with other serious charges such as murder, fraud, and trafficking. In addition to considerable imprisonment, a person charged with conspiracy can also face hefty fines.

Conspiracy and Criminal Law

New York law allows a conspiracy charge suspect to be prosecuted for the conspiracy and the criminal act. For example, a group of bankers who defraud their clients can be charged with conspiracy to commit the crime of fraud. With this in mind, conspiracy charges often accompany criminal charges. In New York, it does not matter if the crime was committed or not. The prosecutor just needs to prove that the suspects intent was to commit the crime.

Conspiracy Charges in New York

Charged with Conspiracy

It’s not unusual for a prosecutor to leave some members of a conspiracy out when charging suspects. Often a suspect is left out of conspiracy charges when the identity of others in the group is unknown, or law enforcement is unable to find the individuals. Also, if prosecutors are only interested in prosecuting a particular member of the group, they may choose not to charge others. For example, if a prosecutor wants to charge an organized crime leader or a public figure, they may not choose to prosecute others involved.

Accused of Conspiracy

If you are accused of conspiracy charges in New York, it is important to contact an attorney for representation right away. Conspiracy charges are very serious in nature and may only be the beginning of more serious charges. Often a prosecutor will charge an individual or individuals with conspiracy related crimes because they have little evidence regarding the larger crime.

Criminal Defense Attorney in New York

Stephan Siegel, Esq. is a criminal defense attorney familiar with New York State Law. Mr. Siegel will provide you with dedicated representation from the moment you make contact with him until your case is finished. With your future, reputation, and possibly your freedom on the line, you need to hire an attorney that will aggressively represent you! Schedule your consultation with Stephan Jacob Siegel to discuss your case.

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