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Cyber Crimes and Identity Theft

The internet has transformed society and has made everything from registering your car to shopping for groceries easier and more efficient than ever before. With the growth of benefits from the internet, however, has come the growth of cyber crime and identity theft. Identify theft is the fastest growing crime and involves stealing the information needed to access and exploit financial resources.

Lawmakers and prosecutors take cyber crime and identity theft very seriously and aggressively pursue charges and harsh sentences against alleged offenders. That being said, identity theft does occur on a regular basis and many people find themselves accused of various criminal acts related to cyber crime and identity theft.

Some accusations that may lead to identity theft charges include the following:

  • Using a phishing scheme to access personal information
  • Sending fraudulent emails or having fraudulent forms to collect information
  • Hacking into other computers or networks to get identifying information
  • Wrongfully obtaining usernames and passwords to access financial accounts
  • Selling wrongfully obtained information over the internet

White collar crime cases often involve much different evidence than cases alleging a physical or violent crime. Computers, internet history, external hard drives, and more may all be confiscated and reviewed by the authorities to build an identity theft case against you. Investigations can take a long time, so you may not be charged with a crime right away. As soon as you suspect you are under investigation, you should seek legal representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

In addition to identity theft charges, many cyber crime suspects also face accusations of conspiracy. Conspiracy occurs whenever two or more people agree to engage in unlawful activity. Many cyber criminals are part of a larger group of hackers or fraudsters and they work together to steal personal information. If you are convicted of conspiracy, it can substantially increase your sentence on top of your sentence for the underlying identity theft. Having an experienced defense lawyer on your side is critical in the face of such allegations.

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