The morality questions surrounding underage drinking have sparked fierce debates with some people arguing it is the perfect way to teach teenagers to drink responsibly. Regardless of these debates, the law is clear on the matter.

Furnishing a minor with alcohol is a crime that NY takes seriously. However, there are exemptions to these laws in the state. To be considered alcoholic, a drink should have at least 1% or more alcohol content while wine should have at least 5% alcohol content.

It is not uncommon for parents to be charged with this offence, especially where their child hosts parties where alcohol is on the menu. Alcohol related injuries that occur during such gathering are also a crime which they can be charged with.

Underage Drinking

The minimum drinking age in all states is 21 years, but some states exempt prosecution under some circumstances. These include:

  • Drinking on private property with or without an adult present.
  • For religious, government work, educational and medical purposes.
  • Drinking in bars and restaurants that sell alcohol in the presence of the parents.

This shows that many states frown upon minors possessing alcohol in public and not in private. Vendors who sell alcohol have their work cut out for them and is their duty to know the laws surrounding selling to minors.

Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor

Charged for Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor

Furnishing a minor with alcohol whether knowingly or unknowingly can result in you being charged. Considering the penalties surrounding the matter, it is important to ensure that you contact a lawyer immediately. Getting competent and experienced representation goes without saying. Therefore, contact us immediately.

Our team of criminal lawyers will examine your case and make appropriate recommendations. We will also represent you and counsel you well during the trial to the best of our ability. Since we have practiced in NY for years, we are well-versed with these laws.

Penalties for Providing Alcohol to Minors

Alcohol vendors who give or sell alcohol to minors can find themselves in violation of state laws. This can result in criminal penalties that involve jail time or fines which can bring severe consequences in one’s life.

For instance, it is possible for one to lose their license to sell and distribute alcohol affecting your source of income. One can also be suspended from selling or serving alcohol for a period of time.

This also goes for people who host parties where alcohol is served to minors even in private. In such cases, you need to call a criminal lawyer to defend you against these charges as they best know the laws surrounding the matter.

Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking Penalties

Penalties in NY include a fine of $50 or less, 30 hours of community service, or joining a program for alcohol awareness if found in violation of underage drinking laws. First time offenders can receive non-punitive sentences like counseling and community service.

Some states have stiffer laws, and the judge, police and prosecutor can affect the sentences. These can affect the life of a minor negatively when it comes to school and job placements.

To avoid this as a parent or guardian, make sure you retain a reputable lawyer from our firm to defend your teenager. Contact us today for a consultation!

Charged for Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor