What is the Mental Hygiene Law?

Sexual offense allegations will have adverse impacts on your life. You need to take sexual offense very seriously to avoid negative consequences.

Mental Hygiene Law, specifically Article 10 (MHL-10),  is designed to protect citizens from those offenders that cannot control their behaviors because of a mental disorder. The statute requires “civil commitment’ of sexual offenders who suffer from a mental abnormality that renders them incapable of controlling their sexual impulses and are considered likely to reoffend if released.

The Law Office of Stephan Jacob Siegel, Esq. will help you understand any charges and penalties associated with a sexual offense and the possibility of civil commitment.

Mental Hygiene Law

What is the Sex Offender Registration Act?

Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORA) is a national registration system for sex offenders meant to strengthen the nationwide network of sex offender registrations.

The sex offender and notification system monitors and tracks sex offenders once they are released into the community to ensure public safety.

Each state is required to meet the federal standards that have been outlined in the sex offender registration and notification act.

As a convict of a sexual offense, you will be required to update your registration in each jurisdiction that you live in, attend school, or are employed. Failure to register, you can be arrested and charged for committing a federal crime.

Being found guilty of a sexual offense, therefore, has adverse effects on you. We will help you with your court hearing to either drop the charges or reduce the ramification of the sexual offense charges facing you.

Sexual Offender Registration Act

Sex Crime Charges

Sexual offense allegations against you will not only bring with them social stigma, but also a possible arrest and sexual assault penalties if you are found guilty.

After the enactment of the sex offender registration act and Megan’s law, it has become more difficult to obtain a fair trial or even enter into a reasonable plea bargain. In most cases, the charges are easy to allege, but difficult to defend. This is because in most sexual offenses, there are no witnesses to give corroborative evidence.

An unscrupulous spouse can make a sexual offense allegation against you to have advantage on a matrimonial action. You will need a top-notch lawyer to defend you of the sex crime.

Choosing the right NY lawyer who will not only represent you, but also defend you and get the sex offense charges against you dropped is not an easy task. Some lawyers may even fail to prove your innocence in court, and you may end up being sentenced for a crime you did not do.

I will save you the energy and hassle of finding the best lawyer for your sexual offense charge. The Law Office of Stephan Jacob Siegel, Esq. has many years of experience in handling sexual offense cases. In addition, we are certified according to the NY state law to handle mental hygiene cases.

What is the Mental Hygiene Law